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Pow-R-Line C general purpose distribution switchboard

UL 891 and NEMA standard PB-2 space-saving switchboards combine integrated insulated case circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, metering, surge protection and various Eaton products for dependable electrical distribution and protection. Available in maximum 6000 A main bus rating and maximum 600 Vac/Vdc, the switchboards provide enhanced accuracy and reliability for optimum system coordination with electronic trip units.

Pow-R-Line C general purpose distribution switchboard
Voltage Class
Up to 600 Vac/Vdc
Interrupting Rating
Up to 200 kAIC
Continuous Current Rating
Up to 6000 A

Core features

  • Provides front or rear accessibility with indoor or outdoor enclosures
  • Includes circuit breakers or fusible switch main or branch devices
  • Includes microprocessor-based metering, monitoring and communication devices
  • Provides utility metering provisions
  • Utilizes surge protective devices
  • Provides optional ground fault protection
  • Offers aluminum or copper busing options

NRX breaker and PXR trip unit technology

Switchboard with compact, innovative and flexible insulated case circuit breaker integration

Customized solutions, customized service

Regional satellite locations provide manufacturing of local, custom, and quick-ship panelboards and switchboards

Basics in low-voltage distribution equipment

Overview of the definitions, components, applications and other details associated with low-voltage distribution equipment

Get to know more about the Guardian of the grid

Learn more about the Pow-R-Line Xpert family designed to help give you accurate, actionable data to improve efficiency.

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