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CL-7 voltage regulator control

Eaton’s Cooper Power series CL-7 voltage regulator control maintains the easy-to-use interface of previous CL controls, but with advanced smart grid features is designed with the future in mind. It comes as standard equipment on Eaton’s Cooper Power series voltage regulators, but can be applied to operate nearly any voltage regulator in service today. This advanced control features single-phase and multi-phase versions. 

SCADA-ready control
Smart grid features
Quality and functionality
Legacy dependability and features
Multi-phase functionality
Single point of communications

Core features

  • Designed to integrate easily into smart-grid communications networks
  • Employs the same easy-to-use features of previous Cooper Power series regulator controls
  • Multi-phase option to operate 2 or 3 regulators provides a single point for SCADA communications  
  • Supported by ProView NXG software for fast and simple programming
  • Product support and expertise that is unmatched in the industry

Lower training costs

The CL-7 control employs the same easy to use features of previous CL controls. It utilizes most of the same function codes and all of the same easy-to-use interface features. Field technicians familiar with earlier regulator control models will already know how to use the CL-7 control.

Focus on smart grid

The CL-7 voltage regulator control is communications-ready, with integrated communications interfaces, multiple protocols, battery backup and dc power supply. The CL-7 control is specifically designed for remote operation and retrieval of field measurement data for analysis by integrated volt/var applications.

Multi-phase voltage regulator control

The CL-7 multi-phase voltage regulator control operates two or three voltage regulators to provide a single point of communications, three-phase metering and advanced delta system features. The multi-phase control expands on the intelligence of a single-phase control by adding modular hardware to provide monitoring and control of additional phases without additional controls.

Advanced software

Eaton’s Cooper Power series ProView NXG interface software simplifies the programming of an entire line of common platform controls. The CL-7 control has a common look and feel to CBC-8000 capacitor controls and Form 4D switchgear controls for ease of use and consistency across products.