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Distribution arresters

Eaton’s Cooper Power series distribution arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for any electric distribution system. They have set the standard for design and manufacturing of polymeric distribution-class arresters up to 36 kV. 

Distribution arresters
Superior overvoltage protection to 36 kV
Improved system reliability
Multiple classifications
Flexible to system needs
Lower let thru energy
Protect valuable circuits

Core features

  • Available in normal duty, heavy-duty and heavy-duty riser pole classifications
  • Distribution class arresters meet or exceed the requirements of IEEE Std C62.11 standard or IEC 60099-4
  • Superior performance with UltraSIL polymer housing
  • The Evolution surge arrester offers significant improvements in protective characteristics and 60 Hz temporary over voltage (TOV) capability for all common over-head and riser-pole applications

Field-proven reliability and protection

Eaton offers both normal and heavy-duty distribution-class arresters with proven long-term reliability. Riser pole arresters with lower let-thru energy protect valuable underground circuits.

Evolution arresters feature optimum protection for reduced costs

Eaton's Cooper Power series Evolution arresters offer the ultimate in protection with the lowest discharge voltage, an infinite TOV curve and almost zero internal watts loss, protects capital equipment and reduces impact on the environment.

Manage wildlife for reduced outages

Minimize wildlife related outages with line terminal and ground terminal wildlife guards