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Flextray wire mesh basket tray overview 

Eaton's B-Line series Flextray basket tray features a full portfolio of straight sections, fittings and accessories to support your cabling needs.   Below are just a few highlights.  For additional information, view or download the Flextray catalog

  • Easily modified for both horizontal and vertical transitions
  • “T” weld safety-edge protects the cable and the installer during installation
  • Available in a variety of finishes to meet environmental and aesthetic requirements
  • Wide breadth of height and width options for straight sections
  • Many sizes stocked locally across United States and Canada for quicker delivery
  • See catalog for Flextray solutions that are UL Classified as an equipment grounding conductor

Flextray straight sections

  • Tray depth options:  2, 4, and 6 inch
  • Tray width options: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24,
    30, 32, and 36 inch
  • Length options:  10 feet 
  • Finishes: electro-galvanized, galvanized steel,
    powder coat, hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel type 304 and 316L

Flextray straight section model numbers

2" deep

  • FT2x2x10
  • FT2x4x10
  • FT2x6x10
  • FT2x8x10
  • FT2x12x10
  • FT2x16x10
  • FT2x18x10
  • FT2x20x10
  • FT2x24x10
  • FT2x30x10
  • FT2x36x10


4" deep

  • FT4x4x10
  • FT4x6x10
  • FT4x8x10
  • FT4x12x10
  • FT4x16x10
  • FT4x20x10
  • FT4x24x10
  • FT4x30x10
  • FT4x36x10

6" deep

  • FT6x8x10
  • FT6x12x10
  • FT6x16x10
  • FT6x20x10
  • FT6x24x10
  • FT6x30x10
  • FT6x36x10

Flextray wire mesh tray splice options

Eaton offers a wide variety of splicing options for its B-Line series Flextray cable management solution.  Below are just a few options.  For additional information, view or dowload the Flextray catalog.


Flextray wing splice 

  • Two piece design for easy handling
  • Tool-less installation
  • Helps reduce installation time on fittings and bends
  • Zinc finish
  • Model: FSWNZN

Flextray washer splice kit

  • Washer is staked to bolt, holding part stationary during installation
  • Fewer parts to handle
  • For use with all tray widths and sizes
  • Electrogalvanized model: WASHER SPL KIT EG
  • Black zinc model: WASHER SPL KIT BLE

Tab-loc connector

  • Ideal for straight runs of tray
  • For use with 2” (50mm) to 32” (800mm) wide tray to connect straight sections only


Flexmate splice system

  • For quickest installation options
  • For use with 4” (100mm) to 12” (300mm) wide tray
  • FLEXMATE clips and tool sold separately 
  • Model numbers

Flextray hanger options

Eaton offers a number of B-Line series hanger options for its Flextray wire mesh basket tray.  Below are just a few examples.  For additional information, view or dowload the Flextray catalog.

Flip Clip solution

  • Accommodates 1/4" and 3/8" rod sizes
  • Installs quickly with screwdriver or pliers
  • Requires only one hex nut to hang and level tray 
  • Retainer tabs can be bent over to lock-in threaded rod and wire basket 
  • Snap retainer stops in place after cable is loaded
  • Model numbers:
    • Zinc finish: WB46HZN
    • Flat black: WB46HFB
    • 316 stainless steel: WB46HSS6


Trapeze support hanger

  • Accepts 1/4” and 3/8” threaded rod sizes
  • For use with trays up to 4” (100mm) deep, 12” (300mm) wide, and spans up to 8’-0” (2.44m) 
  • Tray can be released from support to allow side cable loading
  • Snap retainer stops in place after cable is loaded
  • Model numbers:
    • Galvanized steel: TRAPEZE SUPT2GS
    • Black zinc:  TRAPEZE SUPT2BLE


Center trapeze hanger

Ideal for center-hung or traditional trapeze hanger.

  • Built-in hold down tabs
  • Slots and holes for optional hardware attachment 
  • Corrosion resistant pre-galvanized zinc finish 
  • Center hole for up to 1/2" rod
  • Hole on each end for up to 3/8” rod
  • Compatible with B-Line series tools:
    • Model: TOOLLESS CLIP 
    • Model: WBUHD (hold down clip)
  • Model numbers: FTB06CT,  FTB08CT,  FTB12CT,  FTB16CT,  FTB18CT,  FTB20CT,  FTB24CT

Heavy duty support bracket 

  • For use with 6” (150mm) to 24” (600mm) wide Flextray wire basket trays
  • Built-in tab for hold down
  • Optional hardware (FTSCH) sold separately
  • Models: 
    • Hot dip galvanized finish: FTB06CSHDG, FTB08CSHDG, FTB12CSHDG FTB16CSHDG, FTB18CSHDG, FTS20CSHDG, FTB24CSHDG
    • 316 stainless steel: FTB06CSSS6, FTB08CSSS6, FTB12CSSS6, FTB16CSSS6, FTB18CSSS6, FTS20CSSS6, FTB24CSSS6

L bracket

  • Built-in tab for hold down (not available in stainless steel)
  • For use with 4” (100mm) to 24” (600mm) wide trays
  • Use with pedestal clamp in raised floor applications
  • Optional hardware (FTSCH) sold separately
  • Models: 
    • 4 L BRKT(*)  for 4” (125mm) tray widths
    • 8 L BRKT(*) for 6” (150mm) and 8" (200mm) tray widths 
    • 12 L BRKT(*) for 12” (300mm) tray widths
    • 16 L BRKT(*) for 16” (400mm) tray widths
    • 20 L BRKT(*) for 18" (450mm) and 20" (mm) tray widths
    • 24 L BRKT(*) for 24" (600mm) tray widths

(*) add finish option: GLV = glavanized, HDG = hot dip galvanized, SS6 = 316 stainless steel

Flextray wire basket accessories

Eaton's B-Line series Flextray mesh basket tray includes a wide variety of accessories.  To see the full line of accessories and fittings, view or download the Flextray catalog.

  • Covers and dividers
  • Solid bottom inserts
  • Blind ends and cable rollers
  • Toolless clips and rack clamps
  • BW4, strut mounting clip
  • Side drop out fittings: FTA6SDO, FTA8SDO, FTA12SDO
  • FTA2DO, cable drop out
  • Conduit connector: FTA50CCGLV, FTA75CCGLV, 
  • Adaptor kit for relay racks: SB2204YZN
  • Radius shields: FTA2RS, FTA4RS, FTA6RS

Corner radius

  • Reduces field fabrication of horizontal fittings by up to 80%
  • Built in tab features allow for positioning onto side rails; hardware reduction at transition locations
  • Creates proper cable bend radius for 6" and 12" radius horizontal bend, tee and cross
  • Maintains proper support for delicate cables
  • UL classified when used with proper connecting hardware (see catalog for details)

Bottom drop out

  • Attaches to bottom of tray without hardware
  • Locks into position with built-in tabs
  • Maintains proper cable bend radius for exiting cables
  • Slots enable cable restraint at drop out point
  • For use with 4" (100mm) to 32" (80mm) wide trays

Side drop out

  • Maintains proper cable bend radius for exiting cables up and over the side rail
  • Holes enable cable restraint at drop out point
  • Compatible with all side rail heights

Blind end

  • Series: FT BE
  • Specify tray height when ordering
  • Attaches to side of tray without hardware and locks into position with built-in tabs
  • No hardware required 

Flextray cutters

Designed specifically for cleanly cutting Flextray wire basket.

  • Cleanshear cutter
    • Safely cut and bend Flextray into any configuration
  • Cleanshear bending tool
    •  Includes exclusive attachment to make bending larger trays even easier
    • Recommended for bening tray widths of 16" (400mm) or greater
  • Angular bolt cutter
    • WB30BC bolt cutter
    • WB30RB replacement blade
  • Cable wire cutter
    • WB50WC - tool
    • WB50RB - replacement blade
    • WB50BA - replacement battery

Grounding, hardware and other accessories

Eaton offers a wide variety of grounding and hardware accessories.  For a complete list and details, view or download the Flextray catalog.

  • Ground bolt 
  • Ground wire support 
  • Label clips, radius shields
  • Rubber caps, B719EB
  • Adaptor kits
  • All threaded rods
  • Lock, flat or square washers
  • Hex and spring nuts
  • Beam and u-bolt clamps
  • Anchors
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