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Advanced gas metering

Eaton’s advanced gas metering solution leverages established smart technology to facilitate billing reads, delivering status indications and configurable usage and interval data. Utilizing the same proven radio and node technology as Eaton water nodes, the natural gas nodes seamlessly integrate with Eaton’s Smart Grid network and are supported by the Yukon software platform. 

Eaton’s integrated gas nodes provide consistent functionality across all major meter brands.
Broad meter support
Flexible solution
Configurable data collection
Granular service analytics
Robust two-way solution

Core features

  • Full two-way node
  • Remotely configurable reading and reporting intervals
  • Proven hardware enclosures
  • Designed for effective field implementation
  • Battery designed for 20-year life
  • Device storage of hourly interval data for up to 6 months
  • Facilitates collection of usage and interval data as well as status/alarm data
  • Tamper/theft identification

Flexible solution

Providing consistent functionality across all major meter brands, Eaton’s natural gas nodes provide utilities ultimate flexibility, supporting popular diaphragm and rotary meters to meet utilities’ needs. The solution also supports metered propane applications. As with other battery-powered nodes within the Eaton network, the nodes can facilitate communications connectivity via any powered node in its vicinity via the intelligent network routing employed by the system. The Eaton Smart Grid network supports electric, water and gas AMI applications as well as demand response and distribution automation.

Straightforward implementation

The solution leverages Eaton’s proven radio design to ensure outstanding communication range while providing for long battery life. Both node types were designed for streamlined, effective field installation while being resistant to tampering. Integrated nodes come in multiple styles, based on meter family, and install between the existing meter index and the meter. The pulse-based nodes connect to pulse outputs on a variety of rotary style meters and volume correctors and are constructed to support a variety of mounting options. This end-to-end solution utilizes the Eaton self-forming, self-optimizing, self-healing network, streamlining operations for utilities with natural gas or metered propane services. The low maintenance hardware is designed to provide readings, interval data, and alarm and event data, including tamper conditions, for the long haul.
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