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Advanced water metering

Eaton’s RFW-201 smart water node is a next-generation, two-way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) endpoint that wirelessly interfaces with Eaton’s RF Mesh network. Compatible with a wide range of manufacturers’ water meters, the node enables utilities to remotely collect usage and interval data (at remotely configurable intervals) for more accurate and punctual billing and collections. 

Advanced water metering
Field-replaceable, 20-year battery
Reduced total cost of ownership
Wall-, surface-, pipe- and pit-mountable options
Deployment flexibility
Compatible with a wide range of registers and encoders
Consistent functionality

Core features

  • Remotely configurable reads, reports and alarms
  • Field-replaceable battery designed for 20-year life
  • Loss identification/reduction, tamper/theft Identification
  • Leak detection identification
  • IP68 rated enclosure
  • Optional waterproof connectors (Itron and Nicor) and lid-lock kit
  • Device storage of hourly interval data for up to 6 months
  • Water conservation/watering restrictions

Flexible, robust solution

Supporting pulse registers and digital encoders from multiple manufacturers, the smart water node communicates via any powered device on the Eaton RF network, providing remotely configurable reads, reports and alarms. Storing data hourly for up to 6 months, the solution enhances billing read accuracy and punctuality, while enabling faster identification and resolution of leak detection and other maintenance issues for improved customer service.

Meter-manufacturer independent solution

Supports water meters and registers from vendors such as Badger Meter, Sensus, Neptune, Master Meter, Elster AMCO, Mueller Hersey, Itron, Metron-Farnier, Kamstrup, and Zenner, including high-resolution solutions
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