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Advanced single-phase electric metering

Eaton’s single-phase advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters communicate via Eaton’s RF Mesh network to provide key values, metrics and information from all major meter brands, including Itron, Landis+Gyr and Honeywell Elster. The cost-effective advanced meters provide key parameters such as interval data, voltage and power quality measurements, Time-Of-Use (TOU) information, bi-directional and net metering values, temperature and tamper indications. The fully integrated, tested and sealed smart meters are pre-configured at the factory to utility specifications. Eaton can provide meters with and without under-glass remote service disconnects.

Advanced single-phase electric metering
No field configuration required
Saves time and money
OV/UV, temperature and tamper indications
Identify service issues
Automatic authentication and registration
Ease of deployment

Core features

  • Supports collection of multiple interval data channels and numerous registers, midnight data readings and critical and diagnostic alarms and events
  • Independent recording and reporting intervals for granular data collection without impacting network capacity
  • Measures delivered (forward), received (reverse), net (forward – reverse), and added/security (forward + reverse) values tracked and available for display and retrieval
  • Supports over-voltage (OV) and under-voltage (UV) alarms based upon remotely configurable thresholds – providing immediate delivery of alarm condition and voltage magnitude
  • Supports remotely configurable high temperature alarm to quickly identify service issues
  • Options for remote disconnect/reconnect with load limiting and load cycling as well as tamper indication of possible meter bypass situations
  • Remotely configurable meter display capabilities available for local indication of key information
  • Retrofit kits available to mitigate stranded assets and minimize costs

Leverage FTTH investments and infrastructure for AMI

Eaton’s WRL-420 Wi-Fi IPLink meter enables utilities to utilize their FTTH expertise and minimize additional infrastructure installations, while also creating a high-speed, high-bandwidth, standards-based AMI network ready for the future.

Ensure reliability while optimizing operating costs

Eaton’s single-phase advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) smart meters operate on a self-healing, self-adapting and future-proof RF network infrastructure offering consistent functionality and support for multiple meter brands, along with support for auto-optimizing data rates and power levels.

Real-time data acquisition

On-demand readings yield smarter information for more efficient operations and improved customer service. Configurable display and extensive tools for billing and data collection enable utilities to handle customer inquiries in real time. The system provides real-time outage notification and restoration confirmation for streamlined outage response and management
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