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DNP3 DA interface device (RFN-1200)

Eaton’s DNP3 distribution automation (DA) interface device, an extension to the RF mesh network offering, enables utilities to securely gather remote device data or initiate controls via the DNP 3.0 protocol. This flexible interface device easily connects with a variety of downline automation solutions, including capacitor bank, recloser and voltage regulator controls.

DNP3 DA interface device (RFN-1200)
Robust solution
Secure and interopable
Monitor & control your distribution system
Reduce windshield time
Eaton RF smart grid network
Prioritized messaging

Core features

  • Two-way automated communication with downline automation devices
  • Fully interoperable and easy to service
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Ability to operate as a DA NetworkFirst solution
  • Supports unsolicited report by exception (URBE), exception and integrity polling, and DNP control and configuration messages
  • Allows bi-directional transfer of status, analog and accumulator/counter point data

Single smart grid platform

The RFN-1200 wireless interface device provides utilities a single Smart Grid platform that enables end of line voltage monitoring, conservation voltage reduction (CVR), and Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) applications, providing ease of use and simplified service for utility customers.

Full interoperability

Supports Eaton’s Cooper Power series controls and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) as well as devices from all major manufacturers utilizing the DNP3 protocol. Eaton’s CBC-8000 capacitor bank controller is available with pre-integrated RFN-1200 mesh radio wireless interface options. The device facilitates Eaton’s GridAdvisor Series II smart sensor integration with Eaton’s RF network.
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