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End-of-line voltage monitoring

End-of-line voltage monitoring is an advanced voltage monitoring capability provided through every Eaton AMI endpoint, regardless of meter brand. Eaton’s unique data streaming capabilities allow a subset of a meters to stream voltage values back as often as every minute. These same capabilities can also be used to stream back other key power quality or service data.

End-of-line voltage monitoring is an advanced capability provided through every Eaton AMI endpoint, regardless of meter brand.
Empowers CVR
Reduce system demand
Power quality monitoring
Improve customer satisfaction
Supports DA functionality
Monitor & control your grid

Core features

  • End-of-line (EOL) voltage data collection and monitoring
  • Real-time streaming of voltage data to manage within ANSI standards
  • Voltage readings to within ±0.5% accuracy or better
  • Supports CVR using AMI voltage data
  • Detailed outage reports
  • Use the same Eaton Smart Grid network to facilitate real-time communications with downline intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and controls for distribution automation (DA) benefits

Data analysis

Once in the Yukon software environment, voltage information and alarms can be viewed, analyzed or exported, and automatic voltage notifications can be established to alert utility personnel immediately in the event of an abnormal voltage condition. The functionality of the highly accurate end-of-line voltage monitoring is essential for utilities to ascertain system changes, as well as support DA efforts to automate voltage leveling, VAR reduction and conversation voltage reduction (CVR). Eaton’s solution allows providing this data to Yukon, the optional Yukon Volt/VAR Optimization module, SCADA, or third party VVO applications.

Detailed information

Eaton AMI endpoints are capable of reporting over- and under-voltage alarms, daily minimum and maximum voltage, and interval voltage data to the Yukon software platform, enabling utilities to establish and maintain cost-effective and high-level power quality.
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