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EACR Series CurrentWatch RMS current sensors

The CurrentWatch EACR Series current sensor family combines a current sensor and a “true rms” signal into a single package.

The EACR Series provides true rms output on distorted waveforms found on variable frequency drives or silicon-controlled rectifier outputs, and on linear loads in “noisy” power environments.

Available in solid- or split-core housings.

EACR Series CurrentWatch RMS current sensors

EACR series CurrentWatch RMS current sensors core features

  • True rms output—true rms technology is accurate on distorted waveforms like VFD or SCR outputs
  • Jumper-selectable ranges—reduces inventory and eliminates zero and span 
  • Isolation—output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety and elimination of insertion loss (voltage drop)

Application in which the EACR series current sensors excel

  • VFD controlled loads—monitoring Vdc output indicates how the motor and attached load are operating
  • SCR controlled loads—accurate measurement of phase angle fired or burst fired (time proportioned) SCRs, with faster current measurement than temperature sensors
  • Switching power supplies and electronic ballasts—true rms sensing is the most accurate way to measure power supply or ballast input power
variable frequency drive

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