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Arc-reduction VFI transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Arc-Reduction VFI transformer is built with the intelligence to reduce incident energy in downstream arc flash zones and mitigate the danger posed by power distribution equipment. Utilizing Eaton’s proven Vacuum Fault Interrupter (VFI) technology paired with a microprocessor-based relay system, anomalies are sensed and transmitted through the integral control package to isolate the downstream equipment in 4 cycles or less clearing time, maximizing electrical safety and system reliability.

Arc-reduction VFI transformer
Comprehensive solution
4 cycles (67 ms) or less for secondary faults
Arc reduction scheme
Factory integrated, fully programmed and tested
Reduce secondary incident energy
Achieve OSHA PPE Level 3 or less

Core features

  • Primary and secondary 50/51 overcurrent protection
  • Self-powered, adjustable differential protection
  • Direct trip Integral VFI
  • Direct trip to local or remote breakers
  • Metering and monitoring capabilities
  • Eliminates human-to-energized equipment interaction
  • Faster clearing time (<67 ms)
  • Increases ease of maintenance and asset preservation and decreases annual substation downtime
  • Transformer and VFI tested per IEEE C57.12.00 standard
  • Preprogrammed relay overcurrent settings
  • Compartmental padmount or substation transformer designed per specification

Discover the many advantages of the AR-VFI transformer

Advantageous design, proven technology

Eaton’s AR-VFI transformer is based on legacy arc-reduction schemes built into one fully integrated package. Utilizing traditional sensing, computing and trip methods, the arc flash reduction system minimizes signal proximity to reduce fault clearing times to four cycles or less.

Don’t compromise safety for space

The Eaton AR-VFI transformer reduces the footprint of a comparable legacy system (MVS + Dry-type xfmr + LVA) by up to 60%, allowing a fully functioning arc flash reduction system to be installed in locations that may previously have been impossible.

IoT network compatible

Electronic intercommunication drastically increases the speed of information and subsequent power reliability. Zone-interlocking protection built into Eaton E-Series relays network the AR-VFI transformer with upstream mains, adjacent low voltage assemblies and auxiliary control systems.

True arc flash safety per IEEE 1584-2018

In comparison with traditional means of primary overcurrent protection Eaton's Arc-Reduction VFI (AR-VFI) Transformer reduces incident energy in transformer secondary compartment by a factor a seven, granting access to transformer secondaries and increasing safety and ease of maintenance for the transformer and low voltage assemblies.

CSE Product of Year finalist

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