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Medium-voltage transformers
Envirotran hardened data center three-phase pad-mounted transformer
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Envirotran hardened data center three-phase pad-mounted transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Envirotran Hardened Data Center (HDC) three-phase pad-mounted transformer provides superior performance and surge protection even in stressful electrical environments. Filled with Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, pad-mounted HDC transformers can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor applications, stepping down a wide variety of distribution system voltages while meeting an extensive array of complex data center needs including relaying protection, advanced monitoring and VFI fault protection.  

Envirotran hardened data center three-phase pad-mounted transformer
Base rating
45 kVA to 12,000 kVA
Primary voltage
2400 V to 46,000 V
Secondary voltage
208Y/120 V to 24,940 V

Core features

  • Not reliant on a RC snubber circuit for transient surge protection
  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic Envirotemp FR3 fluid provides sustainable, highly efficient performance at a low cost
  • Provides overload capability above nameplate without significant loss of life
  • Higher BIL and more optimum resonant frequency prevent damage from potentially harmful switching overvoltages
  • UL Classified, FM approved and NEC compliant for indoor applications that meet a wide variety of commercial, industrial and utility needs
  • Seismic rated available

Unparalleled combination of reliability, efficiency, safety, and performance

Eaton's Cooper Power series HDC pad-mounted transformers offer superior technology with reduced operating costs, improved power usage effectiveness (PUE), increased safety and operational life.

Are snubbers required with Eaton’s Cooper Power series liquid-filled hardened transformers?

Studies have shown that Eaton’s Cooper Power series hardened substation transformers do not require snubbers to protect against transient switching voltages.

Superior overload protection

The cooling system and enhanced BIL of Envirotran liquid-filled transformers provides superior protection from severe overloads above base nameplate rating without significant loss of life.

Optimize efficiency, reduce operating expenses

Envirotran HDC transformers can reduce HVAC operating expense to cool transformer by as much as 40%.