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Triplex indoor powercenter substation transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Triplex Indoor Power Center (IPC) offers an energy-efficient, low-noise solution. Specially designed to meet the challenges of indoor applications, the IPC utilizes single-phase transformers filled with Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid in a ganged assembly, while its core and coil construction rely on the same proven methods as conventional three-phase substation assemblies.

Triplex indoor powercenter substation transformer
750-3000 kVA, up to 15kV primary and 600V secondary
Envirotemp FR3 fluid
Fire safety and enhanced equipment longevity
Reductions in cost
35% reduction in energy costs, 20% reduction in HVAC costs

Core features

  • Offers significant cost savings over comparable transformers, including a 35% reduction in energy costs and a 20% reduction in HVAC costs
  • Transformers are filled with biodegradable and sustainable Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, which also provides enhanced fire safety and longer lifespan
  • Offers 35-60% higher electrical withstand with higher overload capacity
  • Integrated switching and protection schemes available with triplex designs to withstand operational challenges
  • Modular construction facilitates installation in limited entry conditions
  • Castors can be added to further facilitate movement and to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding structures
  • Downtime can be reduced by stocking a spare single-phase transformer for emergency situations
  • Creates 50% less noise than comparable solutions

Ease installation and save money during operation

Utilizing Eaton's Cooper Power series Triplex IPC tranformer filled with revolutionary Envirotemp FR3 fluid offers enhanced fire safety and longer lifespan, while boasting an energy-efficient and low-noise solution. They are also friendlier to the environment with a carbon-neutral footprint that is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Unique single-phase design distributes reliable and efficient three-phase power

Arranged in a ganged setup, the Triplex IPC’s liquid-filled single-phase transformers reduce both energy and HVAC costs, while offering higher electrical withstand and overload capacity.

Ideal for space-constrained entry points

Modular-designed, efficient liquid-filled transformers can be installed even when access is limited by a freight elevator or doorway.

Save space and reduce equipment coordination

Close-couple medium-voltage liquid-filled transformers with low and medium-voltage assemblies in a streamlined unit substation design.