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Three-phase pad-mounted transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series three-phase pad-mounted transformers are compact power centers for utility, commercial or industrial applications, designed to withstand many types of environments. These transformers can be located outside or inside buildings to offer an energy efficient and safer solution. Fluid-filled transformers are available in a wide variety of configurations and can be paired with a large selection of accessories to meet the most basic and the most complex of specifications.

Three-phase pad-mounted transformer
Base rating
45-12,000 kVA
Primary voltage
2400-46,000 V
Secondary voltage
208Y/120 V to 24,940 V

Core features

  • Compartmental available in live-front or dead-front design
  • Critical load designed with special attention to surge protection
  • Hardened data center designed with special attention to surge protection, providing superior performance under the most stressful electrical environments
  • Solar specifically designed for Solar Photovoltaic generator step-up (GSU) applications
  • Vacuum fault interrupter combines both voltage transformation and either transformer or loop overcurrent protection in one space-saving, money-saving package
  • Can be located near or inside buildings for greater flexibility and savings

The safe, reliable, environmentally friendly choice

Utilizing Envirotemp FR3 high-fire-point dielectric fluid, the liquid-filled transformers enhance fire safety while providing environmental benefits and increasing equipment longevity. FR3 fluid is readily biodegradable, non-toxic and provides sustainable performance at a low cost. Mineral oil and other alternative fluids are also available.

Designed to withstand all environmental hazards

Eaton's Cooper Power series three-phase pad-mounted transformers are constructed with unparalleled quality and coated with proven E-coat technology — meeting or exceeding all applicable ANSI, NEMA, IEEE and CSA standards, as well as NEC and CEA specifications. In addition, full UL listing and FM approval are available up to 35kV.

Customized transformers to meet every need

Offering a multitude of configurations and accessories to meet a wide range of application demands, Eaton's Cooper Power series three-phase pad-mount transformers are engineered-to-order and manufactured to exact customer specifications. Some models from stock are also available for emergency situations.