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Current-limiting fuses

Eaton’s Cooper Power series current-limiting fuses provide overload protection for all overhead, indoor and underground cable distribution systems and are used for transformer protection, capacitor protection and sectionalizing. They have become integral parts of many distribution systems because of their desirable characteristics of noiseless interruption, no expulsion violence, current-limiting action and very high current-interrupting capability.  

Current-limiting fuses
No expulsion design
Improved safety
High current interruption
Better equipment protection
Current limiting capability
Extends service life

Core features

  • Wide variety of mounting options to meet application needs
  • Full range and partial range current-limiting fuse options
  • The current limit fuse operates silently, unlike expulsion fuses
  • The expulsive shower that exists with an expulsion fuse operation is eliminated, offering increased safety to line personnel during circuit energization operations and a wild fire mitigation option for utilities
  • Cutout-mounted options with the reliable drop-open design makes locating the fault easy

Easily retrofit industry-standard interchangeable cutouts

Eaton’s Cooper Power series ELF current-limiting dropout fuse is a full-range current-limiting fuse designed for mounting in an industry-standard interchangeable cutout that is presently used for expulsion fuses. The ELF fuse is Cal Fire-compliant and designed to be used to protect pole-type transformers, single-phase and three-phase laterals and underground taps.

Improved overload protection with fused loadbreak elbow connector

Cooper Power series fused loadbreak elbow connector current-limiting fuse is designed specifically for use in 15 and 25 kV class fused loadbreak elbow connector.

Protection and sectionalizing from X-Limiter current-limiting fuses

Cooper Power series X-Limiter full-range current-limiting fuses are used for transformer protection, capacitor protection and sectionalizing. Their non-gas evolving element design allows for maximum energy limitation and minimum peak arc voltages without corrosive by-products, significantly limiting the electrical and mechanical stresses on the protected equipment. The X-Limiter is Cal Fire-compliant and tested to meet ANSI/IEEE Standard design requirements for power fuses as well as distribution class fuses.

Extend equipment life with Type NX current-limiting fuses

Cooper Power series Type NX current-limiting fuses provide overload protection for all indoor and underground cable distribution systems 2.4 through 34.5 kV. NX fuses are noiseless and expel no hot gases or burning particles while interrupting currents from minimum melt to maximum fuse rating (50,000 A through 23 kV, 35,000 A through 27 and 38 kV). Their current-limiting capability greatly reduces the momentary duty on protected equipment, extending the life and, in some cases, reducing the original cost of that equipment. The ability of an NX fuse to interrupt low-current faults eliminates the need for auxiliary devices to handle these troublesome current levels. An NX fuse extends system coordination because it is fast clearing and current-limiting – conductor and equipment damage caused by high currents is virtually eliminated.