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Transformer protection devices

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Bay-O-Net fuse offers a protection package for single- and three-phase transformers. The assembly combines the ease of hotstick operation with the safety of deadfront construction and is used with an isolation link to prevent line personnel from closing into a fault when replacing a blown Bay-O-Net link. Eaton’s Cooper Power series MagneX Interrupter is an overcurrent protective device that protects distribution transformers from damaging overloads and secondary faults, and is also used for switching the transformer “on” or “off.”

Transformer protection devices
Field-proven performance
Isolation link
Improved safety

Core features

  • A Bay-O-Net fuse is ideal for use in a two-fuse protection scheme with a current-limiting backup fuse. In this arrangement, secondary faults and overload currents are cleared by the Bay-O-Net fuse, and high level faults are cleared by the current-limiting fuse. The two fuses are connected in series, and are coordinated so that the current-limiting fuse operates only upon internal equipment failure
  • Bay-O-Net fuse not used in-series with a current-limiting fuse require an isolation link
  • Bay-O-Net fuses are comparable in cost to internal cartridge fuses but have the advantages of being field-replaceable. Bay-O-Net fuses can easily be coordinated with upstream devices
  • An isolation link provides extra protection during refusing and switching operations when used in series with a Bay-O-Net type fuse or MagneX Interrupter
  • MagneX Interrupter is an integral assembly, which does not use a troublesome linkage or require calibration, making installation and operation fast and trouble-free
  • The oil-immersed current sensing weak link cartridge fuse is an internal, “weak link” expulsion fuse

Superior protection with Bay-o-Net fuses

Eaton's Cooper Power series transformer protection options include the standard Bay-O-Net draw out fuse in a standard or flipper configuration, a full line of low-current fuse cartridges, as well as under-oil ELSP partial range current limiting fuses that make coordination simple.

Resettable protection with Magnex interrupters

Eaton's innovative Cooper Power series Magnex interrupter offers all-in-one resettable protection for either padmont or overhead transformer applications, eliminating the need to refuse apparatus.

TransFusion Coordination Program

This free, web-based, easy-to-use coordination tool makes transformer fuse selection effortless. By simply inputting a few pieces of data fields and selecting the desired level of protection, you can quickly find the right Eaton's Cooper Power series ELSP, MagneX Interrupter or Bay-O-Net fuses for your application. The TransFusion Coordination Program provides you the flexibility of trying various combinations before deciding on the one that best fits your application needs. A simple click of the print button allows you to print your TCC curves and part numbers.