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Legacy network protectors

Eaton legacy-style network protectors include the CM22 and CMR6 live-front network protectors, and the CMD dead-front network protector. Legacy GE network protectors can also be internally retrofitted with an advanced CM52 design when replacing them is not a feasible option. 

Legacy network protectors
Advanced protection and control
Updated with advanced MPCV microprocessor-based relay
Asbestos free
Meet today’s material safety requirements
SCADA ready
Easy integration with VaultGard system

Core features

  • Eaton is the original manufacturer of these legacy designs
  • Served the industry for over 80 years
  • Updated to today’s protection and control standards

CM22 network protector

Eaton’s CM22 network protector is a live-front design that has been widely used in network systems since the 1930s and has undergone numerous improvements and revisions since its inception.

CMD network protector

Eaton's CMD network protector consists of special self-contained air power breaker units that represent upgraded personnel safety and increased equipment dependability in the art of network protector technology.

G52E roll-in replacement

Eaton’s G52E is a roll-in replacement that consists of a CM52 design breaker that fits into a GE MG8 enclosure. This roll-in is a direct replacement for a 1875A MG8 breaker and can have the NPARMS installed. The existing enclosure requires no modifications.