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VaultGard communication solutions

Eaton’s VaultGard communications platform is the most advanced network communications system on the market. The features and adaptations allow for the most comprehensive monitoring system for the underground network vault.

VaultGard communication solutions
System alert notification
Ultimate visibility for users
Secure access
DNP secure authentication
Data monitoring and collection
Trending and graphical display

Core features

  • Connect up to 32 MPCV relays on one VaultGard for application flexibility
  • Easy-to-navigate on-board web pages so there is no software needed
  • VaultGard can easily communicate with third-party devices: DNP 3.0 up and downlink, over Ethernet and DNP 3.0 via RS-485 connection
  • Integrates with NPServe and RAD for the ultimate control and data monitoring system

Predictive maintenance

Eaton’s VaultGard communications platform brings a wealth of information from the utility vault to utility personnel in a user-friendly web interface or into existing SCADA. Information contained in VaultGard can be trended and analyzed different ways to determine predictive maintenance schedules.

Improved network safety

Through Eaton’s VaultGard communications platform, network protectors can be opened and safety features activated remotely, mitigating potential danger to the operator before they enter the vault.

Enhanced built-in web pages

Web pages provide users with a variety of operating features and interactive screens. Real-time data is displayed in comprehensive phasor diagrams, network graphical views and network protector views. Relay setpoints can be changed remotely improving network accessibility.