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NPServe communication solutions

Eaton’s NPServe communications module is designed for harsh underground vault applications and is a specialized communication concentrator with high-speed processing built specifically for secure and reliable data analysis and control. 

NPServe communication solutions
Ideal for retrofit and upgrade projects
DNP secure authentication
Built-in web pages
No need for special software or devices

Core features

  • Extracts and concentrates data from sensors and IEDs
  • Controls third-party devices
  • Multiple I/O channels available for collection of sensors
  • Seamlessly integrates with the VaultGard communication system
  • Built-in web page views specifically designed for analysis and application
  • Easy access with smart devices
  • Exports to SCADA, control centers and any other management applications

Robust design

Eaton’s NPServe module has been designed to operate over a broad temperature range, which is critical to underground environments. It requires no software and is a key component for smart underground applications.

Leverage intelligent solutions and algorithms

Eaton’s NPServe module comes standard with six analog input channels and eight digital inputs. The module seamlessly integrates with Eaton’s VaultGard communication system, contains three output control relays and provides secure remote access.