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High thermal event system communication solutions

Eaton's High Thermal Event System (HTES), minimizes vault fire damage by drawing inputs from various heat sensors in the vault and using this data to make intelligent decisions to trip and isolate equipment involved in the thermal event.

High thermal event system communication solutions
HMI interface
Easy access for control and configuration
Equipment and asset monitoring and protection
Constant monitoring of thermal sensors
Plug-and-play design
Integrates with standard equipment

Core features

  • Autonomous control and monitoring
  • Retrofittable to any vault
  • Equipped with emergency shut-off switch for maintenance personnel safety
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • HMI touchscreen display 

Ease of use and control

With features such as autonomous control and monitoring, an easy plug-and-play setup and a HMI touchscreen display, the HTES offers immediate vault monitoring. Eaton can set it up for you or you can install it yourself with ease.

State-of-the-art protection

In the event of a vault fire, Eaton’s HTES is able to draw input from various heat sensors and uses the data to trip and isolate equipment involved in the thermal event, reducing the likelihood of transformer failure, network protector fire or vault fires.

Reduce network equipment damage

Eaton’s HTES protects the host structure from additional damage as well as non-affected electrical equipment from being damaged by isolating the equipment involved in the high thermal event.