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VisoVac customized solutions fault interrupter

Eaton’s customized VisoVac is a three-phase medium-voltage fault interrupter. It utilizes Eaton’s proven vacuum interruption technology and is available with visible isolation and visible grounding capability. The switchgear can be customized to meet the needs of almost any switching application including custom controls and unique dimensional requirements. 

VisoVac customized solutions fault interrupter
Highest interrupting rating in the industry
Up to 25kA or 40kA sym
Protection, controls and SCADA ready
Customized control and SCADA options
Visible isolation and ground
Optional visible break and ground provisions

Core features

  • Available with visible break and ground
  • Up to 40kA sym interrupting
  • Gas-, oil, and regulation-free
  • Manual and remote operation capable
  • 10,000 mechanical operations
  • Configured to order

VisoVac falt interruption for any medium-voltage application

Eaton’s customized VisoVac interrupter is available up to 34.5kV and leverages proven Eaton breaker technology making it an alternate option when looking for an economical solution for advanced or simple switchgear needs.

Meets all underground switching needs

Eaton’s VisoVac interrupter is ideal for customized switching applications for distribution sectionalizing in single- or multi-way configurations. The VisoVac can be configured to order and customized to meet any switching needs.

Value-added accessories

The VisoVac fault interrupter is compatible with other Eaton value-added accessories such as Digitrip trip unit, remote access device, VaultGard communication platform, NPServe and other communications options.