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Network protector accessories

Eaton supplies network protector accessories to support safety, arc flash mitigation and advanced communications including secondary disconnects, advanced network relay, submersible visual status indicator, arc flash reduction maintenance system, indicating diagnostic module, test kits and surge protection.

Network protector accessories
Retrofit installed units
Adaptable to multiple models
Reduce maintenance costs
Enhanced protector operation
Install communications
Upgraded monitoring capability

Core features

  • VisoBlock secondary disconnects
  • Remote racking (RemRack) for CM52 network protectors
  • MPCV advanced network relay
  • Stacklight submersible visual status indicator
  • NPARMS arc flash reduction maintenance system
  • IDM indicating diagnostic module
  • Network protector test kits
  • TripSafe surge protection

Remote Racking (RemRack)

Eaton’s CM-52 remote racking device provides a means of remotely connecting and disconnecting a network protector from the energized buswork. This is done while the door of the network protector remains bolted shut. This device helps mitigate any chance of arc flash exposure risk while disconnecting or re-connecting.

VisoBlock secondary disconnects

Eaton VisoBlock is a low profile secondary disconnect switch designed to safely isolate the network protector from the always energized network bus. VisoBlock comes standard with visible break windows, Kirk-Key interlocks and is fully submersible.

MPCV network relay

Eaton’s MPCV network protector relay is used by more network utilities than any other network relay on the market. It has a proven track record with 20+ years in service, protecting the most critical applications. Each relay has the capability to communicate seamlessly to VaultGard, NPServe and RAD devices.