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H-Max HVAC variable frequency drives

Demand more cost savings.

The H-Max series of variable frequency drives are designed to HVAC market requirements for fan, pump, and fluid control application. The patented energy savings algorithm, high short circuit current rating and intuitive user interface provide customers an energy efficient, safe, and easy-to-use solution for your adjustable frequency drive needs.

H-Max Series

Our most advanced HVAC drive

The PowerXL DH1 HVAC drive provides all of the features you love in H-Max with the technological advances you need going forward.

Core features of the H-Max HVAC VFD

  • Reliable: Industry leading ambient temperature operating range up to +50°C, conformal board boards, brake chopper, removable keypad
  • Efficient: Patented on-board Active Energy Control providing up to 10% energy savings out of the box, 5% DC Choke, input surge protection m Built in EMI / RFI filter
  • Easy to use: Quick Start Wizard for pre-configured applications, PC tool software, keypad with copy / paste functionality, electronic bypass, fire mode
  • Space saving design: compact size, open Type 12 option, on-board communications including Bacnet MS/TP and Bacnet IP and extensive I/O

Active energy control for greater savings

Efficiency and cost savings

Discover a more advanced series of VFDs that offer a greater degree of efficiency and enhanced cost savings, creating industry leading energy savings of up to 10% over other manufactures.

How much could you save in energy costs?

Lower your energy costs. Download the energy savings estimator to see how your energy consumption can be reduced by applying a VFD instead of an across-the-line starter.

Take a look at our online demo for the H-Max HVAC variable frequency drive.

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