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Form 4D recloser control

Eaton's Cooper Power series Form 4D recloser control is the simple solution for new reclosers and a replacement for legacy controls on currently installed reclosers. Plug-and-play common parts incorporated into the Form 4D control facilitate easy installation, service and replacement. These design elements were specifically incorporated to ensure future upgradeability as application needs change – providing long-term benefits for Eaton customers. The Form 4D control easily integrates with multiple vendor products. In addition, the diverse range of communication protocols facilitate integration into legacy and emerging networks.

Form 4D recloser control
Modular, plug-in communication modules
Communications technology support
Intuitive control user interface
Easy installation, service and replacement
ProView NXG software
Simplify training with common platform

Core features

  • A true plug-in control for Cooper Power series 14-pin and 19-pin reclosers
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use control interface: front panel and software
  • Facilitates easy installation, service and replacement with plug-and-play common parts
  • Design elements specifically implemented to ensure future upgradeability as application needs change
  • Supports multiple communication protocols
  • Common, modular and upgradeable communication modules
  • Modular, plug-in communication modules ideally suited for the diverse and rapidly changing smart grid landscape
  • ProView NXG software and firmware design and implementation ensures easy integration with multiple vendor products

Supports the communications technology needed to take your system into the future

New communications capabilities can be developed and applied without the need to replace existing controls. Global control with IEC protocols and multilingual support, fully modular communications compatibility, cellular or radio communications, serial and network DNP3, serial and network IEC 60870, Modbus and 2179 protocol are currently supported.

Simplified setup increases productivity and reduces overall cost

Eaton's Cooper Power series ProView NXG software Simplified Setup dialog box provides one summarized screen to view and modify commonly used settings for the current protection profile. Changes made and saved to this screen will also be reflected in the appropriate dialog box for the same setting.