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NOVA STS single-tank triple-single recloser
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NOVA STS single-tank triple-single recloser

Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA STS single-tank triple-single recloser consists of three single-phase recloser units in one tank. Each consists of an interrupting module, with embedded CT and mechanism. The interrupter modules utilize outdoor cycloaliphatic-epoxy-encapsulated vacuum interrupters. Suitable for pole or substation mounting, the NOVA STS recloser provides automation of distribution feeders in line applications. The three NOVA STS recloser units are controlled by a single Form 6 recloser control, on a per-phase basis for both source and load that can be programmed for three operating modes.

NOVA STS recloser
Compact, lighter unit
Reduced installation time
Proven NOVA recloser technology
Reduced maintenance costs
Three operating modes
Operation flexibility

Core features

  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve MAIFI reliability up to 62% for single-phase trip/three-phase lockout performance
  • Improve SAIFI reliability up to 32% for single-phase to ground, line-to-line, and three-phase faults by changing three-phase mode of operation to single-phase mode of operation
  • More compact, lighter unit takes less space on the pole

Easy operation

The Form 6-TS control front panel allows the user to open and close any phase independently without any menu navigation. Each phase of the NOVA STS recloser has a dedicated manual trip lever for quick, on-the-spot, single-phase tripping.

Reduce system costs and improve system reliability

Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA STS recloser can be programmed to isolate faults on an individual phase basis, even in multiple-fault scenarios. For example, load-side fuse protection is maintained even if two faults occur on different phases prior to resetting the control.