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NOVA three-phase recloser

Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA recloser is a three-phase, vacuum-interrupting recloser that successfully combines four patented technologies: cycloaliphatic-epoxy encapsulation, high-performance vacuum interrupter, dependable lower power mechanism and an automated microprocessor recloser control. The solid polymer insulation is highly resistant to ozone, moisture, contamination, ultra-violet light and tracking. The axial-magnetic contacts are ideal for encapsulation and the dual-coil actuator provides for years of rugged performance. 

NOVA three-phase recloser
Compact and lightweight
Easily installed on poles or in substations
Accessories to tailor protection
Maximum system operating flexibility
Magnetic actuator
Trouble-free operation

Core features

  • Reliable, economical overcurrent protection, advanced metering, and automation systems for distribution circuits rated through 34.5 kV
  • Combines solid cycloaliphatic-epoxy polymer-encapsulated vacuum interrupters with a reliable, lightweight operating mechanism that utilizes a magnetic actuator to provide a lifetime of trouble-free operation
  • Solid polymer system does not rely on a gaseous, liquid or foam dielectric
  • Highly resistant to ozone, oxygen, moisture, contamination and ultraviolet light
  • Available with two configuration options: control-powered interface and auxiliary-powered interface
  • Designed and tested to be compatible with Eaton’s Cooper Power series three-phase recloser controls
  • Compact and lightweight; easily installed on poles or in substations, mounting equipment is available
  • Recloser and control accessories enable further tailoring of the protective program to achieve maximum system operating flexibility

Maintenance-free, environmentally safe operation

Eaton's Cooper Power series cycloaliphatic-epoxy polymer encapsulation provides solid insulation. There is no monitoring or maintaining of gas pressure or oil levels; there are no toxic or environmentally unfriendly materials. There are no foam fillers or insulation seals, eliminating potential moisture ingress areas. The NOVA recloser module exhibits good absorption of elastic energy and resistance to cracking and crack propagation. Additionally, durable environmental properties make the solid polymer suitable for outdoor applications, including seacoasts, deserts, and areas of high pollution.


Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA three-phase recloser module maintains excellent hydrophobicity, a property characterized by water beading into isolated drops, and is highly resistant to moisture absorption. Hydrophobicity prevents continuous sheets of water from forming leakage current paths that deteriorate the creepage withstand level.

Fast, low-energy arc interruption with long contact and interrupter life, low mechanical stress and maximum operating safety

With arc interruption taking place in a vacuum, contact and interrupter life are several times greater than with interruption in oil, virtually eliminating interrupter maintenance. Vacuum interrupter contacts are manufactured with chromium and copper to obtain mechanical and electrical characteristics needed for the contacts.