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SPEAR single-phase recloser and control

Eaton's Cooper Power series SPEAR recloser system is a single-phase recloser and control utilizing field-proven recloser technology and the industry-leading ProView NXG platform. The SPEAR single-phase recloser and control hosts a complete set of protection, automation, metering and data acquisition functionality to maximize system performance and reduce customer outages.

SPEAR single-phase recloser
Compact size, narrow profile
Reduces installation time
Data acquisition features
Prevent future outages, improve grid performance
Two separate protection profiles
Protection flexibility

Core features

  • Improved customer reliability and lower total life-cycle costs
  • Environmentally preferred gas-free and oil-free
  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduced maintenance costs with solid outdoor cycloaliphatic epoxy, vacuum interruption with axial-magnetic field contacts and magnetic-actuator operated mechanism
  • SPEAR single-phase control is SCADA-ready with native support for DNP3 communication protocol

SPEAR single-phase recloser control

Eaton's Cooper Power series microprocessor-based SPEAR recloser control integrates real-time valuable grid and outage data to be ported to a SCADA or feeder automation system. Complete with a separate regulated power supply, the control is automation-ready for your choice of radio. Also, tailor your digital communications performance with the user-configurable mapping of protocol DNP3. The control can be easily configured through the simple front panel display or with a laptop through a USB port on the front panel.

Protection flexibility

The two separate protection profiles include overcurrent protection, including 54 standard time-current curves available; time current curve modifiers, including minimum response time adder; high-current trip and high-current lockout sequence coordination as well as cold load pickup, Hot-line tag, fast trip disabled and reclose retry.