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V4H, V4E, V4L single-phase reclosers

Eaton's Cooper Power series V4H, V4E and V4L single-phase, hydraulically controlled reclosers provide reliable, self-contained overcurrent protection.  Additionally, they’re offered at low initial cost and require minimal service.

V4L recloser
Minimum 15 year routine maintenance
Cost-effective solution
Vacuum interruption
Long life, minimal maintenance
Hydraulic control
Reduce operation and installation costs

Core features

  • Economic V4H and V4L reclosers are rated for operation on 14.4-kV three-phase systems
  • Premium V4E reclosers rated for operation on 24.9 kV three-phase systems
  • Provides reliable, self-contained overcurrent protection at a low initial cost
  • Improves customer service and reduces operating costs as they help prevent permanent outages
  • Uses vacuum as the arc-interrupting medium

Simplified operation and reduced installation costs

Eaton's Cooper Power series types V4H, V4E and V4L single-phase reclosers are hydraulically controlled. No external power or battery source is required.

Simplified coordination with other protective devices

Eaton's Cooper Power series types V4H, V4E and V4L reclosers offer a choice of dual time-current characteristics. Current-carrying and interrupting capacities vary with the operating coil’s rating, which is selected to meet circuit requirements.