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Power Defense moulded case circuit breaker

The Power Defense moulded case circuit breaker portfolio is globally rated in a small footprint for easy adaptability, no matter what the application or project requirement.  A circuit breaker with communicating electronic trip units and the ability to generate the data to help you optimise your facilities' performance  and to help keep your employees, customers and end users safe by reducing the risk of arc flash events.

Your New Defense Line: The future of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers is here

If you’ve been searching for an MCCB to launch your services to new heights, look no further than the Power Defense MCCB. Eaton’s newest moulded case circuit breaker leverages state-of-the-art technology to address our OEM customers’ most pressing needs.

Join our host Annu Yadav - Distributor Programs Manager and our presenter, Chris Wilkin – Product Manager, Circuit Breakers & Power Components to learn how our globally rated Power Defense circuit breakers deliver unique performance and reliability to help bring your unique vision to life.

Predict and stop power failures before they happen

The latest circuit breaker technology, which is built into Power Defence MCCBs, delivers predicitive diagnostics that help you better uncover, diagnose and stop power outages before they happen.

Take a look at the pre-recorded webinar or download the whitepaper to learn how you can take advantage of the power of intelligent systems.

Smart power system - life is easier

LinkedIn Live Video!

Missed our event?

Watch the replay here to see the new Power Defense Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, plus get an overview of our current and legacy offerings around the backdrop of our Canadian-designed MCCB product demo trailer.

Join presenters Chris Wilkin - Product Manager and Bryan Alas - Product Integration Specialist, as they showcase how Eaton’s MCCB product line keeps you protected and connected.

Configure your product today with 3D drawings


Defending what you have built

Explore the features and functionalities of Eaton's globally rated moulded case circuit breaker platform. 

You will be able to:

  • Protect your creations with built-in networking and predictive algorithms
  • Use accessories to customise to your application
  • Setup the trip unit via USB
  • Access the breaker with cloud communication
  • Enjoy comprehensive fault protection
  • And more

    Arc flash reduction
    Built-in communications

    Simplify operations and reduce your maintenance.

    Eaton’s Power Xpert Protection Manager provides a clean, intuitive user interface enabling unmatched control, testing and troubleshooting. The software is free to download and can run on any PC.

    Core features of the Power Defense moulded case circuit breaker

    • Globally accepted platform in a number of industry standards including UL®, CSA,IEC and CCC.
    • Power Xpert Release trip units offer features such as breaker health, multiple load alarms and ground fault alarm to help avoid costly downtime through predictive and preventative maintenance.
    • Arc flash reduction maintenance system helps to reduce arc flash incident energy levels, thereby reducing PPE requirements and minimising risk while improving personnel safety and productivity.
    • The PXR trip units provide an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily view and adjust breaker settings and system performance.
    • Embedded communications and metering help to reduce cost by eliminating the need for separate communication components and associated wiring.
    • Field installable components and trip units minimise the amount of inventory while enabling the user almost infinite options to customise the breaker to the application and their specification.

    Unmatched protection

    Provides incremental levels of safety to your customers, employees and end-users through the arc flash reduction maintenance system, zone selective interlocking display and high-load alarms

    Advanced communications

    A foundation for IoT, with embedded communications and metering functionalities allowing fewer overall components in your power distribution panel, which means lower cost and a smaller footprint

    Accepted anywhere

    Globally rated and available, an accepted platform in a number of industry standards including IEC, CCC, UL and CSA, allowing you to stock fewer products.