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Product Overview Aerospace actuators and motion control Backup power, UPS, surge & IT power distribution
Conduit, cable and wire management
Clutches & brakes | vehicle clutches | Industrial clutches and brakes | Eaton
Differentials & traction control
Ducting solutions Electrical circuit protection
Electronic components
Vehicle electrification | Controls | Automation | Power management | Eaton
Energy storage
Engine solutions
Filtration Solutions for clean and pure products | Eaton
Fuel systems, emissions & components
Golf grips Hose, tubing, fittings & connectors
Hydraulic power units & heat exchangers
Industrial controls, drives, automation & sensors
Lighting & controls
Medium voltage power distribution & control systems
Motors & generators
Process safety, automation & measurement
Low voltage power distribution & controls systems
Safety, security & emergency communications | Eaton
Server racks, enclosures & airflow management
Hydraulic steering | Lines | Valves | Eaton
Support systems
Utility & grid solutions
Vehicle controls, automation & power management
Wiring devices & connectivity
Markets Overview Data center
Oil & gas
Aerospace Building Efficiency I Safety I Resiliency I Eaton
Food & beverage
Healthcare Machine building I Protect I energy efficiency I machine control and operation I Eaton
Mining, metals & minerals
Modernising utilities | Reliability | Efficiency | Eaton
Vehicles Residential I Safety I Connected homes I Contractors I Eaton
CrystalWay (SC) 3583 LED (SC) 46811 LED (SC) 71811 71822 LED (SC) Atlantic LED (SC) BeamTech (SC) BeamLite II (SC) CGLine+ (SC) CGVision (SC) (CBS) Conversion kit fluorescent (SC) Conversion kit LED (SC) Euro X LED (SC) Exit Cube (SC) GuideLed SL (SC) GuideLed (SC) i-P65 (SC) i-P65+ (SC) Matrix CGLine+ (SC) Micropoint 2 HO (SC) Micropoint 2 Recessed (SC) Micropoint 2 Surface (SC) NexiLite (SC) NexiTech LED (SC) Outdoor Wall (SC) Planete 2000 (SC) Planete 400 Disc (SC) Planete 400 Tube (SC) SafeLite (SC) W270 & W276 LED (SC) Style Variant 28011 28021 (SC) Style Variant 58011 58021 (SC) Velos (SC) VIA8 (SC) Adaptive Evacuation (CBS) ZB-S (CBS) LP-STAR (CBS) AT-S+ (CBS) Easicheck (CBS) Loadstar (CBS) 1903 LED CG-S (CBS) 3503.1 3504.1 3604.1 LED CG-S (CBS) 3514 LED CG-S (CBS) 46011 LED CG-S (CBS) 79000 CG-S (CBS) Atlantic LED CG-S (CBS) Brillant LED CG-S (CBS) Britesign 2 (CBS) BXP NF (CBS) CrystalWay (CBS) Electronic ballasts EVGs (CBS) Exit cubes CG-S (CBS) GuideLed CG-S (CBS) GuideLed Cinema (CBS) GuideLed DX / DXC CG-S (CBS) GuideLed SL CG-S (CBS) Handrail 930xx LED CG-S (CBS) i-P65 LED (CBS) i-P65+ (CBS) LED Drivers incl. CG-S Monitoring (CBS) Low temperature series (CBS) Micropoint 2 (CBS) Monitoring interfaces CG-S (CBS) NexiTech LED (CBS) Planet 400 Disc CG-S (CBS) Planète Disc (CBS) Planète Tube (CBS) Sirios (CBS) Series 70000 LED CG-S (CBS) Series 80000 LED CG-S (CBS) SpiritLED CG-S (CBS) Step Light 91011 LED CG-S (CBS) Style LED CG-S (CBS) Style Variant LED CG-S (CBS) Velos LED (CBS) Halo-Pack 2 LED (SC) SelvGuard (CBS) DualGuard (CBS) VisionGuard (SC) (CBS) SafeLite (CBS) FlexiTech ED (SC) FlexiTech SE (SC) BeamTech CG-S (CBS) BeamLite II CG-S (CBS)
EV fuses | eMobility | Eaton 48-volt regenerative accessory drive | Mild hybrid | Eaton 2-speed | EV transmission | Eaton 4-speed | EV transmission | Eaton 6-speed | EV transmission | Eaton High-voltage inverter | eMobility | Eaton Low-voltage inverter | eMobility | Eaton High-voltage DC/DC converter | eMobility | Eaton 48v DC/DC converter | eMobility | Eaton On-board charger | eMobility | Eaton Integrated power electronics | eMobility | Eaton Power distribution unit | Passive | Eaton Breaktor | EV | Protection | Eaton Supercapacitor | Energy storage | EV | Eaton xChargeIn EVC Electric Vehicle Charging Station Intelligent power distribution unit | Active | Eaton Series 12000 battery equalizer FLEX power distribution unit (PDU) Heavy duty EV transmission Series 12000 DC converter Series 12040 DC converter Trail charger Series 12040E10 battery equalizer Series 21030 battery equalizer (21030E10) Series 21000 battery equalizer (21060E00, 21080E00, 21100E00) True sine wave inverter DC current sensor Battery separators Interconnect controller Battery isolators Low voltage disconnects Solid state flashers Daytime running light (DLR) controls Keypad Electronic Switch Modules - E31 Electronic switch modules - E32 Electronic Switch Modules - E33 NGR SVR (Sealed vehicle rocker) Dual motion safety switch 1500/2500 Series 1600/2600 Series Rockette X Series rockers 8006/8007 EURO SR 8004/8005 Euro full-size 8064/8065 Esport Military purpose toggles Illuminated AC rated switches AC rated general purpose switches AC/DC rated for small motor applications X Series toggle switches Heavy duty hesitation switches Paddle and slide panel dimmer / washer controls Rotary wiper control switch AC rated push button switches Illuminated AC/DC rated push button switches Series 21000 DC converters TD1140 two-way handheld remote control TD3200 remote control with color lcd display T110 hand held 10/20-function radio remote control transmitter T150 Portable 14-Function Radio Remote Control T151 portable 14-function radio remote control transmitter T300 portable 31-function radio remote control transmitter Battery cover with magnetic back T110 strap kit T1XX leather pouch w/belt Clip T300 tear away shoulder strap Tethered cable R260 programmable 20-function CAN controller R170 CanBus receiver Antenna kit, 2.4GHz, 6' Output cable Antenna kit, 900MHz, 6' R160 19-Function Remote Control Receiver D160 19-function expansion module radio remote control TD110 two-way handheld remote TD2100 two-way handheld remote TD3100 small belly pack
Energy storage
Engine valvetrain
TVS | Superchargers
Vehicle clutches
Yeast nutrients