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AFDD+ | Arc Fault Detection Device | Electrical Circuit Protection | Eaton FRBdM Digital RCBO xEffect xPole electronic combined RCD/MCB device eRB6/M, 1+N pole xPole combined RCD/MCB device PKN6/PKNM, 1+N-pole Bussmann Low voltage IEC Cylindrical fuses Bussmann Low voltage IEC Cylindrical fuse holders Bussmann Low voltage D and DO fuses. fuse bases and accessories Bussmann Low voltage NH fuses Bussmann Low voltage NH fuse bases and gear Bussmann Low voltage British standard BS88 fuses Bussmann Low voltage British standard BS88 fuse holders Bussmann Medium voltage DIN fuses Bussmann Medium voltage Motor fuses Bussmann Medium voltage transformers fuses Bussmann Medium voltage Oil fuses Bussmann Medium voltage British standard air fuses Bussmann Medium voltage Expulsion fuses Bussmann Medium voltage accessories Bussmann high speed British standard fuses Bussmann High speed ferrule fuses Bussmann High speed square body fuses Bussmann High speed traction/rail fuses Bussmann Photovoltaic fuses, holders and accessories Bussmann Electric vehicles fuses Bussmann battery energy storage fuses Bussmann High speed accessories xPole Combined RCD/MCB Device mRB4/mRB6, 3+N-pole xPole Home residential series HNC RCCB xPole Home - Residential Series - HL MCB xPole Combined RCD/MCB Device mRB64-PT/mRBM4-PT, 3+N-pole xPole Combined RCD/MCB Device PKN4, 1+N pole xPole Home - Residential Series - HN MCB Digital NZM Moulded Case Circuit Breaker xEffect Combined RCD/MCB Device FRBm4 3+N-pole xEffect Combined RCD/MCB Device FRBm6/M 1+N, 2, 3 and 3+N-pole SPCT2 xPole Surge Protection PLN4 xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker PLN6 xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker PLS6-DC xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker AZ xEffect miniature circuit breaker FAZ xEffect miniature circuit breaker FAZ6 xEffect Miniature Circuit Breaker PLHT xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker PLS4 xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker PLS6/M xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker xPole dRCM residual current circuit breaker xEffect FRCmM-NA residual current circuit breaker xEffect FRCmM-125 Type A residual current circuit breaker xEffect FRCmM-125 Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers xPole PFIM Type AC, A, U, R residual current circuit breakers xPole PFIM Type F residual current circuit breaker xPole PFDM residual current circuit breaker xPole EAM residual current circuit breaker xEffect FRCdM Type AC, A, U, R residual current circuit breakers xEffect FRCdM Type B, B+, Bfq residual current circuit breakers xEffect FRCmM Type AC, A, U, R residual current circuit breakers xEffect FRCmM Type F residual current circuit breaker PXS24 xEffect Electronic Protection Module
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PowerXL DA1 advanced variable frequency drives PowerXL DC1 compact variable frequency drives PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter PowerXL DB1 cold plate variable frequency drives DILE mini contactor relay DIL contactors DILMS safety contactors CMD contactor monitoring relay DILM/DILH power contactors DILDC contactors for DC switching DILA contactor relay EMR6 measurement and monitoring relays DILMT contactors PKE electronic motor protection circuit breaker PKZ motor protection circuit breaker MSFS motor starter feeder system EMS2 electronic motor starter MSC motor starters combinations SOL30/SOL30X-Safety solar switch SOL/P-SOL DC switch-disconnector PKZ-SOL string circuit breaker EMT6 thermistor motor-protection relay ETR4/ETR2 timing relays ESR5 safety relays RMQ Titan modular pilot devices SL4/SL7 signal towers RMQ16 modular pilot devices RMQ compact solution compact pilot devices FAK foot and palm switches MFD-Titan multi-function display XV100 HMI PLC XV300 HMI/PLC XP500 industrial PC and operator interface EC4P compact programmable logic controllers XC100/XC200 modular programmable logic controllers XC150 compact programmable logic controllers XC300 modular programmable logic controllers XN300 I/O system XI/ON I/O system easyE4 programmable relays DC switch-disconnectors Enclosed switch-disconnectors and rotary cam switches QSA, LPCA and PHM switch-disconnector fuses LS Titan limit switches T rotary cam switches and P switch-disconnectors Switch-disconnectors Universal handles Rapid Link 5 | Decentralised Motor Control System | Eaton ZE/ZEB motor protection relay easyPower power supplies GALILEO software CODESYS software NAS network and system protection easySoft software RS Titan safety position switches MCS pressure switches Comet series sensors - EMEA E58 Harsh Duty series sensors - EMEA AccuProx series sensors - EMEA E56 pancake style sensors - EMEA E52 cube style sensors - EMEA E55 limit switch-style nonmetallic - EMEA IntelliView series sensors - EMEA E67 long-range perfect proximity series sensors - EMEA NanoView series sensors - EMEA E65 SM compact photoelectric sensors - EMEA iProx series sensors - EMEA easySafety programmable safety relays E57 inductive proximity sensors E53 tubular capacitive proximity sensors DS7 soft starter S811+ soft starter PowerXL DG1 variable frequency drive SPX9000 variable frequency drives SVX9000 variable frequency drives SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system PSG power supplies PowerXL DM1 variable frequency drives
Safety security and emergency communications
B Supercapacitor HB supercapacitor HV supercapacitor KR supercapacitor KW supercapacitor M Supercapacitor PB supercapacitor PHB supercapacitor PHV supercapacitor PM supercapacitor TV Supercapacitor XB supercapacitor XL60 Supercapacitor XLM Supercapacitor module XLR supercapacitor module XT supercapacitor XV supercapacitor XVM supercapacitor module 26-watt PoE transformers 1384X Edge connector 15104 Edge connector Header EuroMag terminal block Plugs EuroMag terminal block High-current EuroMag terminal block Screwless EuroMag terminal block 4-13 watt PoE transformer CL Inductor CLA Inductor Cage and screw EuroMag terminal block CLB inductor Common mode inductor Spring and screw EuroMag terminal block Tiered EuroMag terminal block A1 and CB11 single-row terminal block CPL Inductor Customised designs A2, LP2 and CB2 single-row terminal block DR inductor DRA inductor A3, LP3 and CB3 single row terminal block DRAQ inductor DRQ Inductor Econo-pac (EP) inductor A38 and B38 Single row terminal block FP Inductor FP2 inductor FP3 Inductor FP4 inductor A4 and B4 single row terminal block FPT inductor FPV inductor HC1 inductor HC2LP inductor A0 and CB0 Single row terminal block HC3 Inductor HC7 inductor HC8 inductor HC8LP inductor PTR016V resettable device HC9 inductor PTR030V resettable device HCF inductor HCM inductor PTR060V resettable device HCM1A inductor PTS0805 resettable device HCMA Inductor PTS1206 resettable device HCP inductor PTS1812 resettable device HCPT inductor HCV inductor IC Reference Designs MLVA-R Overvoltage ESD protection LCPI inductor LD inductor MP2A inductor MLVB overvoltage ESD protection MPI inductor MPIA inductor Octa-Pac (OP) Inductor RL inductor SD Inductor SDQ Inductor PolySurg ESD Suppressor UP inductor TVS Diodes VP transformer 1AXXXX fuse clip H15 fuse holder HB fuse holder HFA fuse holder HFB fuse holder HHB Fuse holder HHF-JFCU Fuse Holder HHK fuse holder HHN fuse holder HHT fuse holder HJL fuse holder HJM fuse holder HK fuse holder HKP fuse holder HLD fuse holder HMR fuse holder HR and HM fuse holder HRK Fuse holder HTB Fuse holder HTC-15M fuse holder HTC-200M and HTC-210M fuse clip HTC-60M fuse holder S-8000 fuse holder ABC fuse AGA fuse AGC fuse AGW fuse GBB fuse MDA fuse MDL fuse MDQ Fuse MDH fuse SFE fuse TCP70 fuse TDC180 fuse AGX Fuse GMA Fuse GMC fuse GMD fuse GDA fuse GDB fuse GDC fuse S500 fuse S501 fuse S505 Fuse S505SC fuse S505H fuse S505SCH Fuse S506 fuse C515 fuse C517 fuse C518 fuse C519 fuse C520 fuse C308F fuse C310FH fuse C310T-SC fuse SS-5 fuse SS-5F fuse SS-5H fuse SR-5 Fuse SR-5F fuse SR-5H Fuse PC-Tron fuse SS-5FH fuse 0603FA fuse CC06H Fuse CC12H fuse 3216FF fuse 3216TD fuse 3216LV Fuse CB61F fuse 6125TD fuse 1025HC fuse 1025TD fuse 6125FF fuse 1025FA fuse TCP fuse HCM1AV2 Inductor XLCM (XLM Module cabinet) XVM PCBA supercapacitor module MCL Inductors WCL Inductor XLR-LV Supercapacitor module XTM-18 supercapacitor module MCLA inductor WCLA inductor ACE inductor 0603HV fuse CC06FA fuse GBA and GLD fuse TDC600 fuse TDC10/11 fuse GMW fuse HGA and HGB fuse holder HHJ and HHI fuse holder HVP fuse holder PTSLR0805 PTC resettable fuse PTSLR1206 PTC resettable fuse PTSLR1210 PTC resettable fuse PTSLR1812 PTC resettable fuse HTC-78M PCB fuse block HTC-100M PCB fuse block Hybrid supercapacitors BK-PCS PCB-mount fuse holder HVI inline fuse holder MFB inductor MLV Overvoltage protection CL Inductor CLA inductor FP inductor Common mode inductor
Emergency lighting
Energy storage
TVS | Superchargers
CF1000 Panel CF2000 Panel CF3000 Panel Addressable Rack Panel CF3000PRG Repeater CTPR3000 Repeater Addressable Detector range Addressable Manual Call Point Addressable Beam Detector Addressable Wall Sounder Addressable Sounder Beacon Addressable Sounder Beacon Base Addressable Detector Sounder Base Addressable VADs range Addressable Open Class VAD Addressable Open Class VAD base Addressable LED beacon Addressable Remote Indicator Addressable Loop Splitter Safety power supply (SPS) Addressable Loop Mimic PCB Addressable Duct Mounting Probe Addressable BACnet Gateways Addressable Modbus Gateways Addressable Interfaces Addressable Lon Gateways & Adaptors Addressable 4 to 20mA Interfaces Addressable Mimic Relay Board Addressable 4 Way System Controller Addressable Zone Monitor Unit Addressable Shop Monitor Unit Addressable Device Spur Isolator Addressable 3 Channel Input Output Addressable 230Vac Relay Unit Addressable USB Interface Addressable Programmer Addressable Loop Tester Kit Addressable Site Monitor & Web Server Software Addressable Visualisation Software Addressable Loop Design Software Addressable Fan Controller Addressable Door Release Module Addressable Micro Interfaces BiWire 5 in 1 Detector BiWire Sounder VAD BiWire Call Point BiWire Base Sounder VAD BiWire External Relay Conventional Beam Detector Conventional VAD BiWire flexi panel BiWire & Conventional Repeater Panel 8 Zone conventional panel 16 Zone conventional panel 2 or 4 Zone conventional panel Conventional manual call point Conventional detector range Conventional sounder VAD Conventional bells Conventional sounder detector base Conventional compact sounder Conventional xenon sounder beacon Conventional ultra low current sounder Conventional high output sounder Conventional sounder Conventional LED beacon Conventional compact door retainer Conventional door retainers relay unit Conventional heavy duty door retainer Conventional remote indicator
Hydraulic power units